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Downfall Of Mankind: and the singer is…


Downfall Of Mankind, deathcore band from Portugal, reveals the identity of the new lead singer: Fabio Infante will be THE voice.

In the past days the band dropped little teasers trying to engage their fans by doing a guessing game and despite the singer’s face was never shown, some people knew how to recognize him.
That’s a good sign for a very ambitious band whose one of the biggest goals is to reach its own identity and, probably, it’s not a case, that the very first music video of the band will be recorded in a slaughterhouse…

Fabio Infante says:

“Hi everyone, it is with great pleasure that I announce myself as the lead singer of DOWNFALL OF MANKIND.
I want to tell you that as soon as I joined the band, it was as if the last missing piece was completed in the puzzle, so we recorded our first single that will come out soon.
It has been a huge adventure working on this project with everyone and I look forward to showing you guys everything we have done so far.
Stay tuned to our page because the news will be coming”.

“Olá a todos, é com enorme prazer que anuncio-me como vocalista dos DOWNFALL OF MANKIND.
Quero vos dizer que assim que entrei na banda, foi como se a ultima peça que faltava ficasse completa no puzzle, então gravámos o nosso primeiro
single que sairá em breve. Tem sido uma enorme aventura trabalhar neste projecto com todos os integrantes e estou ansioso por vos mostrar tudo o que temos feito até agora.
Fiquem atento à nossa página que as novidades irão surgindo”.

The new single, “They Shall Pay” will be released later this year and in 2020 we hopefully could listen to the first full-length of the guys.

Downfall Of Mankind are:

Drums – Lucas Bispo
Guitars – Luis Almeida
Guitars – Eddy
Bass – Claudio Melo
Singer – Fabio Infante