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Killers Lodge: “Stand Against”, nuovo video da “Alma Cachonda”


Nuovo video per i Killers Lodge, band nata per volere di John KillerBob e Christo Machete dopo lo scioglimento dei Raza De Odio, tratto dal loro album “Alma Cachonda” (la recensione). Si tratta del brano “Stand Against”.


Laying by the seaside
Shaking out a curse
Captured in the web of duty trying to breath and not to die

Beasts are gonna eat me
And tear my flesh apart
Spiders crawl up my neck. They’re gonna dig my eyes to death

Once I was a warrior
Fighting for my pride
Thousands of battles against the fools until my army cheated on me

Free your body and stand against the fear
Free your mind and wear your battle gear

Second verse different from the first

Something strange happened
While I was going to my burial
My friends were staring at my grave keeping silence and weeping tears

So I decided
To get closer and talk to them
But I got no answer, no reaction, like I wasn’t even there

Suddenly they all vanished
And I found myself alone
So I thought they didn’t care and I forgot what I wanted to say