Home News Oak: the debut “Lone” will be out on December. Listen to “Abomination”

Oak: the debut “Lone” will be out on December. Listen to “Abomination”


A new wave of Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal is ready to hit the scene.
On December 20th will be released “Lone“, Oak’s debut full length.

Click here to listen to the track “Abomination”

“Members of Gaerea churn out scintillating death/doom metal that’s expansive and harrowing. ‘Lone’ is their debut full length and yet the songwriting is accomplished as if this is what they were meant to be doing all along. There’s nothing forced here – the music oscillates between the pensive, slow parts to the cathartic, faster ones with relative ease, almost intuitively. The texture of the music does full justice to it all, enhancing the feelings of despair, helplessness and fear, while the Paolo Girardi painting captures the mood perfectly. This is one of the most anticipated releases in the death/doom spectrum and fans wouldn’t be disappointed in the least”.

Oak Line up:
Guilherme Henriques – Vocals/Guitars
Pedro Soares – Drums

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Ricardo Oliveira at Stone Sound Studios

Artwork by Paolo Girardi


1. Sculptures
2. Mirror
3. Abomination
4. Maze