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The Black Wizards: the psychedelic journey of “Imposing Sun”


The summer may have fade away, but still the album release of Portuguese psychedelic and heavy fuzz rockers, The Black Wizards, keeps on shining bright.
Reflections“, the band’s third and critically acclaimed studio album, sounds like a sunny day and fresh breeze of groovy beats and psychedelia, swaying between sweet moments and massive fuzz deliriums. Born in the digital era, The Black Wizards enthrall with an analog and unique sound of fuzzadelic grooves, and while drinking from the same fountains as many of the contemporary bands around, they give a new twist on previously heard tunes and stamp their own personality. On Reflections, the band has grown in their sound, they have upped their ante with sonic experimentation without ever losing sight of The Black Wizards’ core roots.

The band has released a brand new, psychedelic music video to the album opener and soothing track “Imposing Sun“: