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VIDEO DEL GIORNO: “Black Water” dei Discoveries


I capitolini Discoveries hanno pubblicato il nuovo singolo dal titolo “Black Water”, disponibile anche sulle principali piattaforme streaming, accompagnato anche da un videoclip, diretto da Tommaso Di Traglia.

“Every minute You spent, thinking just about yourself
covered You with a black-shaded fog, now that You need me You can get the fuck off.
Your weakness’ not the right excuse to give up now,
You should be able to breakdown the walls.
And there’s where loniless calls, why not escape as evening falls?
But how can someone hold on, when world is that wrong
through the thunders of a storm,
and the leaves are falling on the ground,
‘cause is the only way They know.
If you’re not strong enough, then you should just look back and tell me.
(Whats wrong again)
The grave you’re building up is the only thing You’re taking care of.
(Prepare the end)
Counting days and losing weight won’t help you.
Now look at me, can’t you see that rage is not the answer?
And everytime you’ll try to find out why, God won’t reply.”