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VIDEO DEL GIORNO: “Empty Mirrors” degli Elyne


“Empty Mirrors” è il nuovo video degli Elyne, band capitanata da Danny Metal, tratto dall’album “Alibi” e realizzato con immagini live registrate al Bosa Rock Festival 2018, oltre a video inviati dai fan della formazione di Ravenna.

Nelle scorse settimane gli Elyne avevano infatti coinvolto i propri followers chiedendo loro di registrare un video con l’ hashtag #stilldreaming, quelli selezionati sono presenti nel videoclip ufficiale.

Pagina Facebook Elyne

So tell me how many times,
Have you watched out from the window?
So tell me how many times
Have you lost time with the phone in your hands?
So tell me how many times
Have you dreamed to change the world?
But in the end you stayed with your head down.

For many years I’ve watched the horizon.
Waiting for the day when I’ll go far away.

If one day I must go away
Where I really belong
And if my dreams will go away
You will be the one

I bite the pain everytime it tries to hurt myself
I bite the fear of any chance for a safe future
I will live my life day by day proud to be myself
And I will cut the chains that keeps me over here

Against whom are we fighting?

How many times I look in to the mirror…
And I don’t see, I don’t see anything
How many times I’ve put my faith in your hands
And I received a knife on my back.

We’re lost in ourselves.
I can’t believe we’re lost in ourselves.
Now I can see, we’re lost in ourselves.