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VIDEO DEL GIORNO: “Euphorion” dei Proliferhate


I torinesi Proliferhate hanno pubblicato il video di “Euphorion“, nuovo singolo mixato e masterizzato da Adriano Sette Vecchio.

Video montato da Daniele Aime.
Pagina Facebook Proliferhate


A blazing star is born
Son, decorate the land
with your image
They don’t know how I feel
Like a hawk in a cage
I want
to lie on the ground no longer
Leave my hands
my hair, my clothes
Aren’t those mine, after all?

Why throwing your life away
Euphorion, heir to the gods?
I was told can’t fly
but not why I was born with wings
Don’t listen to father’s mourning
while my beauty is falling

Follow me through the light ether
through granite crypts
I’m the volatile fire
the object that you seek
Spread your freedom in the wind
in the flinty sky and ground
Show the Elysian Fields and world
what it means to be unbound

War calls
Victory awaits
Draw out your swords
And freedom will be at hand

Control your instincts
reckless child
Hope has lost the one
who bids farewell to peace
My son
Leave it all behind
or your only right will be to face

Sheer light

So beautiful
conjunction between arts
Burned by jealousy
of his gift

Garment and body divide
One to father, one to hell
Listen to my yell
In the realm of darkness
leave me alone not