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VIDEO DEL GIORNO: “Humboldt” dei Next Time Mr. Fox


I Next Time Mr. Fox, formazione Metalcore/Deathcore di Cesena, sono tornati con un nuovo singolo, accompagnato da un videoclip, dal titolo “Humboldt”.

Il sound della band è sicuramente focalizzato su riff tritaossa e breakdown di grande impatto, ma non manca l’apertura melodica, che vede il cantato gutturale/scream lasciare spazio a clean vocals di pregevole fattura.

Ecco il video di “Humboldt”:


Come out at night

We bring our drums of war
outside your closed doors
A never coming morning
Dance around the hole
Who is gazing who?
A time for wolves has come
to repay words with blood
to the servants from the depths

Bray the only language you know
Deceive the lost children above

From time to time

Mankind’s signs, just lies

How will you all live on
when regret could not
scratch the rust from your soul?
Mirror eyes for mirror beings
mistaking silence for integrity

In the sunken city
The truth awaits

Disgusted by what I see
Disgusted watching You bleed
I’m Nyarly, I’m nearly here
the reason inside your fears

Annihilate the false

A refrain written before history itself

Dirt and mud
under the fingernails of God
Overwhelmed by cold dark apathy
you keep falling
in the embrace of the faceless

For time to time

Mankind’s signs, just lies

Inside the cage they’ve built with hatred we are waiting, waiting
Silently hoping for the star of the morning to come