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VIDEO DEL GIORNO: “Last Begin” dei Fall Has Come


I Fall Has Come, Alternative Rock band da Caserta, hanno pubblicato il video di “Last Begin”, tratto dal loro secondo album “Nowhere” targato Sliptrick Records, realizzato con le immagini girate durante il concerto della band a Bucarest di supporto ai Disturbed.

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Recorded and mixed by:
Black Eight Studios – www.facebook.com/blackeightstudio
Mastered by: Giovanni Versari (La Maestà, mastering studio)
Video by: Domenico Vigliano
Cameraman: Francesco Roviello/ Andrea Ricca

Lyrics: Last Begin (E. Bellotta, E. Pascarella, R. Giacobbone, A. Laurella, S. Laurella)

Another day
takes over,and rewind
anything, lost, crushed and now.

Spread out
and without a face
just new a long long deal
awaits me over there.

Taking all you done
living on your rhymes
standing side by side
it’s your LAST BEGIN!!!!
Leaves out all regrets
can not hold you back
with a last resort
what are you waiting for?

Another night
flows through the line
could be the one
in this new born dawn,
face off
with the hypocrisy’s fan
HEY MAN , don’t be like them
Tell me once again:

“What desire would become true
while the final act it’s running over you”!!!