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VIDEO DEL GIORNO: “The Covenant” (Part 1) degli Sharks In Your Mouth


Come già anticipato nelle scorse settimane, gli Sharks In Your Mouth stanno lavorando a “The Covenant”, successore dell’album di debutto “Promises” (la recensione) e, nell’attesa, hanno realizzato il videoclip del brano “The Covenant” (Part 1).

È stato diretto da Alessandro Moglie e Mario Tordini (Multivideo), mentre il brano è stato registrato e mixato presso Wavemotion Recordings di Federico Ascari. Oltre alla band, nel video ci sono anche come attori Claudio Piersimoni e Micol Alibrandi. Un ringraziamento speciale viene rivolto anche ad Alessandro Scattolini.

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If you are giving up if you’re on the edge of your misery
(Take my hand and join the Covenant)
They turned their back on you
You don’t know what you do
and you won’t break free
(Take my hand and join the Covenant)

They can keep their gods,their morals and their faith
Keep their savior,their saints and also their grace
The shadows of my past are following me
But they know they are late cause I’m relentless

Watch the sheep becoming the beast
and just know there’s nothing you can do to stop it
Send me ten thousand men and I’ll defeat them all alone
I’m banging on my chest for the things that I want.

And I was drowning, and I was dying
Completely lost and life was beating me down
My desire is to be stronger so I decided to join the covenant

Choose your fate
(There’s nothing that can hold you back)
Choose your faith
(Take my hand and join the covenant)

We are the ones the world told they are not worth enough
Rejected by a society that turned the back on us
We are the outsiders,the villains,we are the outcast.
We are the Covenant.