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VIDEO DEL GIORNO: “The Alchemist” dei Reapter


I Thrash/Progsters romani Reapter stanno attualmente lavorando al nuovo album, ma nel frattempo, tramite il canale YouTube dell’etichetta Revalve Records, hanno pubblicato il lyric video di “The Alchemist”, brano tratto dal loro ultimo lavoro “Cymatics”.

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Each day I am crawling from the underneath
Each day I am walking down the road to Hell
It’s a quest to get to the other side
I’ll find all my answers looking inside

Don’t think that I’m an alien
Don’t think that I’m a madman
One day you’ll see what I see

Black night, blinding darkness
Put your feet on the line
Red sunset, bursting fire
Strive against the strife in you
White dawn, clearing shine
Are you ready to see the light?
It’s up to you to write the ending
Another world inside a shell

Following the path of a mankind’s falling
Harder is to achieve that gold that is under
What is above, so it’s below
Looking at the sky you’ll find out when you’ll die

There are stories you can’t tell
There are stories you can’t hear
There are stories you unfold
And there are stories that won’t old

We don’t need to build up a tower
To fly high to the sky
We can simply break it down
Another world inside a spell


I must hold back my tongue
But I can tell you with my hands
I must stand on my feet
But I can speak with my heart

No regrets are in your mind
The Spirit Stream flows in your soul
Sephirot’s Tree burns in your eyes
Now you see the world that fell

Behold, four-hundred years of peace
The silent peace on mankind
We grasp the strings of eternity
Leading our souls to infinity.