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VIDEO DEL GIORNO: “Useless” dei Reapter


“Useless”, è il secondo singolo della Prog Thrash Metal band Reapter, estratto dal loro nuovo album “Cymatics” uscito per Revalve Records.

Il testo narra di una persona che scappa dal suo paese, dove viene oppresso e sfruttato, per finire in un altro paese dove avviene altrettanto, se non peggio, e finisce per scoprire al fine che l’unica soluzione è tornare alle origini e creare lì la sua terra promessa.


Bred in terror
And bred in fright
I spent my days
To find a way to live

Cannot stand it
My people suffer
Lift a hand
And you’ll six feet under

I am useless
I am nothing less than landless
And lifeless
I am useless

I am just a cell
out of the system
I feel as an ant
Carrying its burden

In disgrace
I left my country
Off to paradise
Off to the promised land


The shit around me makes me sick
I think I’m better than the others
I have fantasized of endless wellness
But found a dead end and I can’t turn back

That’s not what
I was looking for
A new slave is born
New world order belonged

I am still a cell
Dropped in the puzzle
“Do what I say” I hear
“Or else you come home, my dear”

“Now shut and behave
I know you’ll behave
Step up here a bit closer
Now let’s play”

Stuck in terror
And stuck in fright
In this country
I’ve no chance to live

I must live on
I’ve got to escape
Back to paradise
Back to the promised land!