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VIDEO DEL GIORNO: “Waiting for the Hyenas” degli Across The Swarm

across the swarm waiting for the hyenas

I bolognesi Across The Swarm ci presentano il video “Waiting for the Hyenas”, ovvero il nuovo singolo che farà parte del prossimo full length attualmente in fase di lavorazione.

La band Hardcore/Brutal Death Metal ha inciso la traccia presso l’Audiocore Studio di Parma, mentre il videoclip è stato realizzato da Lucerna Films e presentato su Blank Tv. Prossimamente il brano sarà anche disponibile in free download, mentre gli Across The Swarm si apprestano ad annunciare anche nuove date live.

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Line Up:
Francesco A. Flagiello: Vocals
Luca Sammartino: Guitars
Marco Lambertini: Guitars
Mirco Diana: Bass
Riccardo Grechi: Drums
Damiano Storelli: Samples

Director Name: Lucerna Films


Reveal yourself for what you are Destroy my will Humiliate me Feed me generously, Give me noxious food, Poison my body.
Lock me again
In cages
Which envelop me atrociously
And slowly become smaller and smaller
The natural course of vital fluid.

Only your eyes
Can deal with mine
In a shameless fight.
An animal perception
Makes me feel the danger
And thoughts and passions
Contradict each other
Creating grotesque and confuse
Then sensual and perverse.

I can still flood myself
With your essence
And abandon myself in your warm bottleneck That you greedily hide.
I can still feed on you
and fulfill myself.
You, a strong an lively light;
You, a soft membrane
For a healthy and sated fetus;
You, the remains of a cold carcass,
Just waiting for the hyenas.