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Vircator: new video out. Watch “Mandrake” and discover the details of the the 3rd album


Portuguese experimental rock band Vircator has announced to return with their third, full-length album “Arcano“.
The new record takes a new step on experimenting dimensional dramatic instrumentals, searching for new sounds, emotions and textures, and exploring the polarity of quiet and loud, complexity and simplicity, ugliness and beauty to the same time.
Vircator’s sound is a powerful and emotional ride that takes you deep into the human conscience, balanced by calm and sweeping moments. But Arcano is even more than just an emotional introspect searching: It’s inspired by the cult of the plants and spiritual cure of the human conscience according to the ancestry.
“The acknowledgment of the plant power and spirituality is numb, and we wanna invite you on a trip to the past where our ancestry lived together with mother earth.“ The band explains.

Co-produced by renowned Pedro Correia at Studio B, Vircator were able to capture this broad tonal palette and wide array of emotional motifs into a powerful journey through the tumultuous corners of human existence. Here’s the video for the first, multilayer single “Mandrake“, showcasing the band’s complexity and various talent for the finest experimental prog-rock.

“Arcano” tracklisting:
1. Burdock
2. Lady Fern
3. Yarrow
4. Mandrake
5. Agrimony
6. Juniper