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Deicide: Il debut album “Deicide” compie 30 anni!


“Deicide” è il debut album eponimo dei Death metaller americani Deicide, uscito il 25 giugno 1990 per Roadrunner Records.

L’album contiene tutte le loro tracce demo, più i brani “Deicide” e “Mephistopheles”.

Track listing
1. Lunatic of God’s Creation
2. Sacrificial Suicide
3. Oblivious to Evil
4. Dead by Dawn
5. Blaspherereion
6. Deicide
7. Carnage in the Temple of the Damned
8. Mephistopheles
9. Day of Darkness
10. Crucifixation

Glen Benton – bass, vocals
Eric Hoffman – guitars
Brian Hoffman – guitars
Steve Asheim – drums
Deicide – production
Scott Burns – production