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VIDEO DEL GIORNO: “Monster Love” dei Myr


È uscito il nuovo album dei Myr dal titolo “Habits” e per l’occasione Revalve Records rilascia il nuovo lyric video “Monster Love”.

“Monster Love” parla di un tema tristemente ricorrente: la violenza domestica sulle donne. In questo caso viene raccontata la vicenda vista dagli occhi del padre della ragazza uccisa. È una canzone sulla violenza, ma che si focalizza anche sul perdono, uno degli atti più alti che un uomo ferito possa compiere in questi casi.

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Think about your own Monster Love
Do you remember how it
felt to watch
her lifeless body lying
on the floor?
Sunlight and shadows are still the same but
There is a chasm inside of me
Life carries on without any reason
as it’s the way that it’s always been
The meaning of our precious times
is to achieve the top or die
Consuming life to go on
Never thinking it is a crime
The wreckage of my wounded heart
Is yelling trough its endless scars
The failing shreds of my life
Force this weary mind to look back
The day of trial’s just begun
I’ll be unmoved while my eyes burn
The blazing words of Justice
Leave me more lonely than before
Your advocates pronounce your rights
A thousand arrows, deadly spires
We’re waiting for the finding
In this ruthless game we call life
monster love
Silence will come
You’ll think about your Monster Love
I can remember when you came
I was so glad she found you, boy
But after a few months of tears
you have become the one she fears
I’ve spent my days wondering why
Her love for you was simply blind
It forced her to stay by your side
To live in fear, to live under your sign
Silence will come
You’ll think about your Monster Love
Talking ‘bout vengeance
sometimes can help us
But it’s a path that I will not cross
The blood will not flow for my decision
But I’m so jaded to show I’m strong
You should cut off your skin and bleed
You should devour yourself and grieve
There was a part of my mind
Only craving to give you pain
I’ve cleaned my mind from rotten thoughts
Despite the anger in my heart
I’ll give you my forgiveness
Can you realize how much it costs?