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VIDEO DEL GIORNO: “The Lesser Evil” dei Not Yet Fallen


I Not Yet Fallen, Metal/Hardcore band di Padova, hanno pubblicato il lyric video di “The Lesser Evil”, tratto dal prossimo EP “Homebound”.

L’Ep è stato registrato da Giuseppe Bisemi, missato e masterizzato da Andrea Fusini presso il Fusix Studio, mentre il lyric video è stato realizzato da Davide Cilloni di Eklipse Media.

Sarà possibile vedere la band live con Bemore, 8Fulstrike ed Entail Of Crow al Laboratorio Culturale I’M Via Brustolon 3, 35031 Abano Terme.
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This fear I’m addicted to will not lay claim to my dreams
It took forever to leave and discover I was so distant from the truth
I made it once through the tempest just to see my purpose fall
I won’t crawl back to the desert I used to call home
Then let me tell you one thing:
this life won’t wait so roll up your sleeves
It’s been hard to live in a stronghold of lies
pretending it was all right
Because I’d rather die alone than live in the crowd
I’ve told myself for a thousand times in need for radical measures
This endless search for a brighter side
will even get me somewhere
I’d rather die alone – I’ll never die alone – I won’t die alone
but I’ll wait here for another day to come with no sun
Embrace the change and accept what you can’t replace
Pain is real until you learn how to dissemble
Not all is lost
I’m losing track of my old lives
but I’m returning
because I may not change my fate
but I sure learn from my mistakes